What Are The Biggest Issues Affecting The Beauty Industry

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Are the brand names you buy every day eco-friendly? Here are some easy tips to make a modification.

Something as easy as the daily toiletries that you use can have a big influence on the environment, by picking shampoos and conditioners such as the ones made by the Davines Group, who are a natural beauty brand who use natural active ingredients and do not contain damaging chemicals such as sulphates, or why not use exfoliators made from sugar or sand instead of unbiodegradable microbeads. You can assist avoid obstruction and deuteriation of our sewer system and even of the pollution of our oceans and oceanic wildlife. Many people do not realise that the small information such as these can have such a drastic result later down the line and how huge of an impact a simple switch to a much safer item can have on the world.

Today cosmetic items consisting of however not restricted to makeup are bought by countless individuals every day, as a result, there have been increasingly more brands making a change towards sustainability and ethical processes. (M)anasi7 is just one brand who run sustainability as a key value at the heart of their operations, their manifesto is 'slow, choose, pure, natural, simple, symbiotic, modern' to produce sustainable beauty products. This is extremely important for the environment since traditional cosmetic formulas use heavy chemicals and unethically or unsustainably sourced materials.

Haircare is one of the biggest sectors inside the appeal and cosmetic industry. For a number of us, our hair is a sign of our style, how we desire the world to see us, for some it is even a self esteem tool. For that reason, it is very important that we look after it, daily activities can harm your hair leaving it susceptible to damage, not to point out the repercussions of chemically changing your hair colour. Lots of people pick an at home box dye to save on money when they are changing their hair colour, however these box dyes are often filled with harsh chemicals which are equally as bad for you and for the environment. Elliott Management is one group who has had experience with haircare brands who are changing their practices to improve sustainability, including introducing 100% recyclable and biodegradable cosmetic packaging and decreasing the number of extreme chemicals utilized in their formula.

Growing up you think the bad skin is just for teens, only to move to cities to find your skin is looking blemished, dry and dull. Your skin care proucts ends up being significantly crucial however choosing the best skin care brand ends up being simply as important as environmental protection grows more important. DECIEM are one group who introduced a line of sustainable skin care brands, targeting a specific niche market by providing products which are not only environmentally safe however also vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and gluten free. So, you can look naturally beautiful without breaking the bank and feeling good about assisting the earth.